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Continuous tone digital enlargements are produced on true lab-processed photographic media to provide the highest available depth of color, sharpness, and permanence.

Product Overview
Permanent Lab-processed Photographic Prints
Oversize Gloss or Matte Finish Photo Media
Cropping, Resizing, and Color Balancing with Guaranteed Satisfaction
Mounting, Lamination, Framing, and Mosaics


  • Commemorative Prints Presented with Digital GIS Project Deliverables
  • Photographic Enlargements, Original Prints, or Reproductions
  • Orthophotos with Vectors from CAD, GIS, or DTP Software.
  • Laminated Archival Quality Images for Permanent Records
  • Mounted Large-scale Mosaic Wall Murals
  • Small Quantity Publication of Digital Cartographic Wall Maps
  • Trade Show Presentations.
  • Project Planning Display Prints

General Specifications

  • Maximum single sheet size is 50 x 500 inches.
  • Multi-panel photo murals or mosaics allow larger sizes.
  • Continuous tone imaging produces apparent resolution above 3600 dpi.
  • Color, Monochrome, or Infrared Images at same cost.
  • Ideal input resolution is 200dpi, but many applications allow less.

  • True Photographs are Still Superior to Inkjet Technology:
    • Moisture Safe
    • Wipeable, Smudge-proof
    • Stain Resistant
    • Images are safe for generations.
    • “Permanent” markers may be used, then erased with alcohol on a soft cloth for planning purposes.

Call Randy Mathis today to discover solutions for your printing projects (678-281-0135, drio@digitalrio.com)

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